“Bruce Jenner is still a man, homosexuality is still a sin.”

The Captain Obvious quote in the title was posted on a church sign in a presumably conservative area and still got the rabid Leftists outraged.  The pastor was forced out, as it turns out that only he and one family in the church know the Bible and/or basic biology.

I encourage you to share these truths while you can.  Again, if the winner of the Men’s Decathlon 1976 Olympics is a female then anorexics really are fat and the “loving” thing would be to encourage them to diet more.  And the Bible couldn’t be more clear that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Source: Moonbattery – A Stake Through the Heart of the Lunatic Left

Like George Orwell is said to have said, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Unlike the phony rebels of the entertainment industry, real revolutionaries tend to get in big trouble, like the pastor in rural Northern California who was forced out of his church over a sign that read, “Bruce Jenner is still a man, homosexuality is still a sin.” The sign, shared on the pastor’s Facebook page, sparked protests and national news coverage. Justin Hoke announced his departure on the Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church Facebook page on Saturday evening.No one can dispute that what the sign said is true. They don’t have to dispute it. It was thoughtcrime. The truer, the more criminal. “I was informed that essentially all but one couple in membership would leave the church if I continued as pastor of TBPC,” Hoke said in his post.If there are any Bibles in the church, Hoke ought to take them with him; the congregation won’t be needing them. The Bible confirms the latter part of the sign’s forbidden message repeatedly. Biology books would confirm the part about Bruce Jenner.


12 thoughts on ““Bruce Jenner is still a man, homosexuality is still a sin.””

  1. Thank you for continuing to hold up the truth.
    When I first came upon your blog (2015?), I agreed with what I read, but thought perhaps you were a little too extreme.
    Then sometime later I was the victim of an internet hate mob. My crime? Suggesting to ravelry dot com that changing their logo to a rainbow flag was divisive and not in line with a non-political site.
    Hacking, personal threats, shocking obscenity, long threads deriding me on the “non-political” site, and no acknowledgement from anyone there of the point of what I was saying.
    Someone even put up a medium site against me – which is still one of the first things which come up.
    But Christ asks us to forgive – and I forgive all of them. Truly. But.
    It has taken me all this time to be somewhat willing to go back online.

    The reality is that Americans are not allowed to think Christian thoughts, allowing of course that for normal human beings _thinking_ and _belief_ have results in _action_.

    God bless you and all your readers. Phil. 1.29


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    1. Wow, they did all that against you just for saying that? I shouldn’t be surprised. These people think it is OK to kill your children if they get in the way of your sexual freedom, so nothing they do should surprise us. And the men of Sodom persisted even after being literally blinded. So the Leftists are very committed to their sins.

      But still, that’s creepy.

      I’ve tried to be bold-but-not-a-jerk over the years, but much of this now is in the “I hate to be right” category. The only thing I missed was the trans thing. I wrongly figured that parents would say “enough” when told that the gov’t schools would tell their kids to question their gender. But I was wrong.


      1. The only thing I missed

        Almost no one could have predicted how quickly that was pushed into the mainstream – and was fully embraced. Some psychologists and psychiatrists are daring to speak up against it and are being punished accordingly. For example: https://www.christian.org.uk/news/trans-affirmations-cowardly-lazy-and-damaging-psychotherapist-says/

        I wonder what you think now that many mainstream (not overtly liberal) Christians seem to go along with it all, too.


      2. The “Christian” Left support for anything that mocks God never surprises me. They rush to do that as quickly as possible. Anything to show their love for the world. I read how some church in England is starting to do ceremonies to celebrate/sanctify gender “transitions.” You know they are excited to shake their fist at God and get kudos from the world.

        It has weeded out many squishy “evangelicals” as well. That’s one of the only benefits. It really separates the wheat from the chaff.

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  2. The remnant seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Few care to find out the truth. It’s easier to go with the flow, even if it’s flowing to a waterfall of death.


  3. Furthermore, I want to add that if a pastor lost his “job”, well, being a pastor is Biblically not an occupation with which one is to make a living. The whole system of institutional church is rife with problems that show it to not be Biblical. Little wonder so many in the pews would oust “their pastor”.

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