Random post-election thoughts: Generally positive

Somehow the Republicans (or someone posing as them) got my mobile number and sent a dozen or more texts for donations.  Before blocking them permanently, I’d usually reply as follows: “Try again after you start the wall and defund Planned Parenthood.”  I’ve been thrilled with much of what Trump has done, but the Congress has no excuse for not starting the wall and for not continuing to let Planned Parenthood and Democrat politicians take turns giving each other my money.

That Senate majority is huge.  They can get lots done and more quickly now that people like Murkowski are superfluous.

Make no mistake: As painful as the Kavanuagh nonsense was to go through, if the Democrats hadn’t done such unethical things with it they would have won the Senate.  And their stunts will harm them for years.

Trump is already epically trolling the Dems by supporting Pelosi.  They will make people afraid to support her and/or undermine her if she wins.

Prediction: The House Dems will overplay their hand and push independents to the right, or they will underplay it and de-motivate the Leftist extremists (which is pretty much the entire party these days).  Either way, Trump will probably be better off than if the House had barely stayed in Republican hands.

Keith Ellison and other Dems accused of sexual misconduct won, which will give the Republicans fodder for pointing out the Leftist #MeToo (“PoundMeToo”) hypocrisy.  After all, he had a credible and much more recent allegation of harming women that the Democrats and the Leftist media deliberately ignored.

People say gridlock like it is a bad thing.  I think some gridlock is good.

Stunts like demanding Trump’s tax returns will distract the Leftists from realizing their leaders are accomplishing nothing.  There is nothing in the returns which would harm Trump, or the IRS would have done something already and probably leaked it.  The economically illiterate Leftists couldn’t understand the financial and tax concepts anyway, and they’ll be the only ones fooled if the Dems try to distort what is in the returns.

Maxine Waters gets more power!  Great move, Dems.  If you created a fictional character like Maxine, it would be considered extreme racism.

Beto was a perfect example of Leftist deception. While not fleeing the scene of accidents he caused while under the influence, he pushed eminent domain abuses to help his billionaire father-in-law. Yeah, he’s a real man of the people. And looser borders? Insanity. But of course the Left bought into his cult of personality bit (“Oooh, he skateboards!!  And uses the F-bomb in concession speeches!!”). So glad they wasted their money.  Sure, run him for President and we can watch more videos of him getting blasted by the Hispanics whose property he was trying to steal.

It was sweet, sweet schadenfreude to know that people like Racist Held Evans, who bragged about giving lots of her money to the Beto campaign (even though she lives in Tennessee), lost so badly.  Bonus: Marsha Blackburn won big even though Evans and Taylor Swift came out in favor of Bredesen.  Love it!

5 thoughts on “Random post-election thoughts: Generally positive”

  1. I find it amazing that so many framed this election as a rebuke of Trump, a guy they accuse of all manner of nastiness, yet they elected those who actually are what Trump is supposed to be.

    —Keith Ellison fighting charges of domestic abuse

    —Two different muslim women winning their races, both having history of anti-semitism (the same with Ellison)

    —An incredibly stupid woman in Cortez

    —Far too many liars to list. When I think of all the attack ads just involving candidates in my state races, the many accusers against Trump for lying immediately pops to mind. But state and federal, I’ve seen so many ads claiming the GOP candidate supported removing protections for those with pre-existing conditions. NO ONE in the GOP supports that…AT ALL!

    More than anything is the dismissal of all that Trump has accomplished in two years and the fact that some…like Pelosi…actually stated their intention to overturn that which led to our booming economy. It puts me in mind of that goofy, fact-challenged book by Thomas Frank, “What’s the Matter With Kansas” that wrongly posited that Kansans acted against their own best interests. Here, we actually see that happening in this “rebuke” of Trump. I’m not particularly fond of his character, either. But to rebuke what he’s done and intends to do is truly acting against my best interests, and it seems clear, the interests of the nation. But that’s the left for ya! Talk about “stuck on stupid”!


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