100% of Senators agree!

Believe it or not, there is true unanimity in our Senate:

  • They all know that Kavanaugh would judge according to what the job description requires.  It is just that half the Senators don’t want someone who will judge according to the Constitution.
  • They all know that the allegations against him are as choreographed as any ballet and a complete sham.  But half of them are so sold out to the unrestricted killing of children up to their first breath that they play along with the evil charade.
  • They all know that the Constitution would never force all states to recognize oxymoronic “same-sex marriage” and all the evils that come from that, but half of them sold out to the God-hating LGBTQX lobby.

Those aren’t exaggerations.

3 thoughts on “100% of Senators agree!”

  1. I had a manager of one of my properties refer to tenants as “dumb tenants” once a long time ago. That has stuck with me ever since. I borrowed the term to refer to “dumb Christians”, which when I first used it I was describing actual Christians who thought Barak Obama was Christian… because, after all, he said he was. In the case of this circus going on in the Senate, I’d have to use it to describe any Christian who thinks that this charade is about anything except sending a possible constitutional constructionist packing. And for those poor souls who are not Christians who are buying the faux concern, Well, I guess they are just plain dumb. And I’m not one to throw that word, dumb, around liberally. But what other word is there?


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