Other than everything, the Omnibus spending bill is great

Still can’t believe Trump signed it.  And no, he isn’t playing 4-D chess.  He made a huge mistake.  Republicans have the White House, the Senate and the House and we are still funding Planned Parenthood, wasting billions of dollars on ridiculous things and not building a wall.   We are loading tons of debt on our children and grandchildren for the most wasteful and counterproductive things imaginable.

The 2018 elections were already looking bad, but had some bright spots with the tax cuts and such.  But this is a huge step backwards.

The Democrats are cheering this budget.  Meditate on that.  They didn’t cheer at the State of the Union for anything, including record low black unemployment, but they are cheering this budget.  My only hope is that it shames Trump into fighting back against them.


10 thoughts on “Other than everything, the Omnibus spending bill is great”

  1. Interestingly enough I thought the same thing you did. Then I found that people had started doing some research. As it turns out, this Omnibus is s BILL, as you pointed out. It is NOT a BUDGET. Moreover much of the spending is DISCRETIONARY not MANDATORY.

    If I could post a few pictures of screen grabs it would clarify what I’m talking about and make perfect sense. I can email them to you and you can post them if you’d like.

    During 8 years of Obama there was NEVER a budget as mandated under the Constitution. Instead Congress gave Obama “spending bills” or “appropriation acts.” Because of this Obama did whatever he wanted with monies appropriated for certain things. Often he did not follow Congress’ “suggestions” at all. Congress did nothing. Why? Because they couldn’t because they knew that the spending bills they passed and Obama signed were BILLS not BUDGETS.

    I think Trump is smart enough to know that he can do the same thing Obama did. I think the wall is going up and I also think he will slow-walk finds earmarked for this or that, holding it over heads so that he gets what he wants.

    Will there be “splodey heads” in the MSM and Congress and from the Left? Yes, but it won’t matter because legally Congress cannot make Trump spend the monies earmarked in this BILL the way Congress “suggested.” If you want more info I’d be happy to provide.

    In the end I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as it seems though again I’ll admit it seemed that way at first.

    Ultimately time will tell. Cheers.


  2. I have a few typos in my previous comment post. Should be “a” before BILL in first paragraph and “funds” instead of “finds” in 4th paragraph. Sorry about that, Chief 😎


  3. I’m not disappointed that this happened. I had no real hope in the government at all. This is just a repeat of George W. Bush, only with a more business feel to it. GW was far more moral that Trump is, so expecting Trump to outdo GW on a moral issue should not be expected. In the end, even GW failed.


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