Assisted suicide supporters are worse than the woman who pressured her boyfriend to kill himself

The Left — including the “Christian” Left — advocates for physician-assisted suicide, so they are no different than Michelle Carter.

The texting-suicide trial of Michelle Carter attracted nationwide attention for many reasons.

There were the shocking text messages Carter, then a 17-year-old King Philip Regional High School senior, sent to 18-year-old Conrad Roy III of Mattapoisett, urging him to kill himself and chastising him when he appeared to have second thoughts.

It also attracted the attention of legal observers and civil libertarians, who criticized the case on freedom of speech grounds. They argued a person should not be held responsible for the death of another person for mere words in a state that has no law against urging someone to take his own life.

Carter, was a lonely high school senior with an eating disorder brought together with Roy, a troubled Mattapoisett man searching for his way in the world while fighting depression.

No, wait, they are worse, because they aren’t just a lone creepy girlfriend, they are institutionalized, mainstream advocates for you to kill yourself if you want to.  And the “Christian” Left is the worst of all because they do it in the name of God.
Oh, they wring their hands when someone famous kills himself, like Robin Williams, but that just exposes their selfishness (i.e., “If you entertain me well, please don’t kill yourself, otherwise it is OK.”).

I have a dear brother in Christ who lives with severe pain. I’ve lost count of the number of spinal taps he’s had over the years, and that is just a small part of what he experiences. Yet he is totally committed to the Lord and makes a great witness for him wherever he goes — even preaching the Gospel to the hospital “chaplains” (usually glorified Unitarian / “Christian” Left types) he encounters.  I rejoice that he is immune to the pro-assisted suicide ghouls of the “Christian” Left who actually applaud people who take their own lives.

Whether people thought Carter committed a crime or not, nearly all were repulsed at her behavior.  They should feel the same way about those advocating for physician-assisted suicide (which eventually leads to involuntary killing, but that’s another issue).

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