“Why do you believe in Jesus? And how can I?”

Are you equipped to answer those questions in a clear, winsome and biblical way?

I actually got an email with those two questions in the subject line.  The sender was a guy from  a Sunday school class I was teaching.  He attended with his wife, who was a committed believer, but he was a skeptic. We ended up having a great conversation about the real Gospel, the importance of reading the Bible, etc.  (We ended up leaving that church so I’m not sure of his current beliefs.  But I trust the process.)

Those are the ultimate softball questions for Christians, right?  They recognize that you believe in Jesus, they are interested in the reasons and they want to know how to do it as well.  Not all encounters will be that tailor made, but my question is this: Are you ready to give effective answers to those questions?  If you aren’t then you need to equip yourselves starting now.

I always start any evangelism / apologetics training with that anecdote.  I want people to get away from thinking that evangelism is only about knocking on doors (not that there is anything wrong with that) and pushing through hostile encounters (Jesus gave us the pearls before swine commandment in Matthew 7:6 for a reason).  I want people to be prepared, but not to give up before they start.

I highly recommend reading this book and having extra copies to share with people.  You will learn how to give an effective presentation of the Gospel, explain the main themes of the Bible and Christianity and address common objections.

P.S. There was an interesting side note with the email.  The guy was a trustee of a 3,000 person Methodist church at the time.   They didn’t even know he was an explicit non-believer.  I knew the church had agnostics in other roles who thought they are Christians, but this guy knew his real spiritual status.  Maybe churches should get to know their leaders first, and as a bonus, their members.  /sarcasm

2 thoughts on ““Why do you believe in Jesus? And how can I?””

  1. How did the world begin? Man does not know How, When and Why life BEGAN. They do know now that Matter is Energy. Matter/Flesh rotting bacteria of physical Evolution pass on from Generation to Generation with limited time and space.

    Energy the Light and Truth of the Universe, everything is energy that cannot be created or Destroyed. It is eternity. No energy has been add or removed from life since the beginning. Existence, creation is why we are here

    Jesus never said when life began… He said we need to live for Spirit, eternity, not mammon or matter that simply change form. His message was to live in light and truth, not be matter simply changing form. John3:3, 5, 13 explain how how to enter the Spiritual World and John 15 said how to Live as Jesus Born Again from Flesh to Spirit.


  2. I left church in the 60s with many over the phony 1 day a week crowd. My first lesson in Yoga was to read what “Jesus Said end to end 1 or more times. I was thrown for a loop. It was not about church at all. It was about being “Born Again from flesh, in Flesh to Spirit.


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