Free and valuable advice to any business: Stay out of the culture wars and don’t give into Leftist bullies

And yet another foolish business gets involved in the culture wars and supports Planned Parenthood. This time it was Chili’s — though I heard they stopped the promotion (after the damage was already done).  I left this note at their site:

Hi — I’ve always enjoyed Chili’s but now every time I see one I will think of how you support the largest child-killers in the country, and perhaps the world: Planned Parenthood. They kill children, sell their body parts, protect rapists & sex traffickers, lie about doing prenatal care, and so much more. You used bad judgment.

I realize you can’t boycott everything or you’d starve, but I do avoid business that are more in-your-face with their radical Leftism, such as Target (Motto: “We hate you Christians because you are intolerant bigots who know the difference between men and women, so please spend lots of money here!”).

Another company, which I won’t mention because I don’t want to give them free advertising, thought it would be smart to brag about their support for Planned Parenthood.  They sell cosmetics to women and assumed that the post-#womensmarch #abortionmarch timing would be great.  But it turns out that many loyal customers, including Mrs. Eternity Matters, said, “Buh-bye!”  Most of their Facebook comments were negative, and the business got caught having employees pretending to be customers and offering positive support.  They tried to backtrack and say that they’d planned to rotate the giving to other organizations in the future, but the original post made no mention of that.  And as they doubled-down with one defensive comment after another the opportunity for grace was gone.

The cost of losing customers for life is enormous.  My advice to any Board of Directors and senior management is to never give in to the LGBTQX, Planned Parenthood or other Leftist bullies.  Remember PP’s scorched earth campaign against Komen – a breast cancer charity! – when they tried to part ways. Do not pick up those snakes.  Just tell them you stay out of the culture wars and move on. They may threaten you, but don’t give in.  If your competitors give in and you don’t then you may reap the benefits!

5 thoughts on “Free and valuable advice to any business: Stay out of the culture wars and don’t give into Leftist bullies”

  1. I’m not much on boycotts, but do hope that those boycotts that get underway, do make a difference.

    The Mrs. and I never eat at Chili’s. We don’t eat out that much. Our experience is always the same. There isn’t much on the menu that isn’t laden with tons of carbs, which we don’t eat, and the taste is always disappointing. Our thought is the same: we could make this meal at home much cheaper, better and we don’t have to tip the waitress.

    We did eat out when we were in Arizona last week. Sadly, I gained 2 lbs. I’ve lost one but have another one to go.

    So here’s to boycotting places we never go! 🙂
    Guess that’s not much help. But you get the idea. Eat at home. It’s better, for you and on the pocketbook.

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    1. I love to eat out. The swankier the better. Fine dining is a passion of sorts and I wish I could afford to do it more often. But I don’t need to eat out to put on pounds. It seems to happen as if I want it to just because I don’t always pay attention. This has nothing to do with the boycott topic, but I felt compelled.

      As to the topic, I can’t seem to find a corporate or chain-type biz that doesn’t support something I don’t, which Neil also found. But another problem is that there are none that have supported things that compel the wife to shop elsewhere. She still relies on Target, for example, for certain staples, though I think not as much. I don’t think I’ve walked in the store since the bathroom issue came up, but I wasn’t anything like a regular customer in the first place. But I will avoid stores when I hear they are supporting wickedness to the extent that I can find what I need elsewhere. I’ll drive a bit further and pay a bit more. It’s just hard to find one that won’t appease.

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    2. I’m with you, Timothy. I don’t sign boycott petitions, but there are times when I decided I’m not going to patronize an establishment/business. Target is one of them. I never did much shopping there anyway, but allowing men to use women’s bathrooms (and vice versa) is to egregious to ignore. So I don’t do any business with that company.

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  2. Sometimes businesses get involved in the culture wars because their headship are part of the group they are supporting. Others, I wonder why they do so because it has nothing to do with their business. Why does Home Depot, e.g. give such huge support (and financing “gay pride” parades) to the homosexual agenda? I was told because their head honchos are “gay,” but I don’t know — wouldn’t surprise me. But when we have Lowes and Menards in the same area, the made it very easy for me to never again step inside Home Depot.

    When I read about Chili’s yesterday I was flummoxed — why would a restaurant chain make such a stupid announcement?!!? We’ve eaten there a few times because they are close, but that ends now.

    No, you can’t boycott everything, but you can boycott those who make a big deal announcing their support for all that is unholy.

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