Yet another reason to like ballroom dancing . . .

Ballroom dancing has been a great empty-nest hobby for us.  Lots of fun, challenges, meeting new people, good exercise, new experiences, etc.  One of the side reasons that I like ballroom dancing is that it is now wildly counter-cultural.  Why?  Because it still has unique roles for men and women.  The LGBTQX movement will probably start to attack Planet Ballroom, Fred Astaire, etc. for being such haters, but for now it is fun going to a place where people are still sane.

Examples: In group and in private classes they always teach unique roles for the men and for the women.  Go figure!  Men always lead, and, other than the women needing to keep there feet from being stepped on, mistakes are always the responsibility of the guy.  Or so they say.

I did see a gay couple come into a studio once.  The poor instructor — who was probably Leftist himself — was tied up in knots trying to explain the roles without saying “man’s part,” “women’s part,” etc.  Sorry, dudes, someone has to lead.

Our main instructor in our prior city was gay, but even he had no issues with the specific male/female roles.

One thought on “Yet another reason to like ballroom dancing . . .”

  1. I’m sure your ballroom skills have long exceeded what I learned 30 years ago, but is great to know how much you enjoy it. Yes, ironically, it’s not unusual to have male instructors who are homosexuals. The irony is that the best dancing comes from those who know and perform their roles well as designed by a God who knows what he is doing. Even the best dance performed by same-sex couples is a travesty and perversion of the grand beauty intended by the Creator of all.


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