Move over, Boston Tea Party. Transanity is forcing a North Carolina Toilet Party.

Our pathological liar of a President (“If you like your doctor . . .”) doesn’t have time to fight ISIS.  Or keep illegal aliens out of the country, even though it take the jobs and wages of minorities.  Or to reduce the deficit.  And so on.

But he does have time to force his perverted LGBTQX agenda on everyone in the country, including children.  Via Obama Administration forces transgender bathroom rules on every school in America

It appears Obama’s Education Department is using this decision as a rationale to mandate every school in America to accommodate any child whose gender identity might not sync with their actual gender.

Whether the administration chooses to mandate a bathroom/locker room free-for-all by utilizing Title IX, which was written in 1972, or the 1964 Civil Rights Act (as they did earlier this week in their lawsuit against the state of North Carolina) they’ll be hard pressed to find any contemporaneous notes by congressmen and senators who crafted those historic laws which reveal that they were trying to protect against not just sexual discrimination, but transgender discrimination as well.

Regardless of how this gets worked out in the courts, every parent in America will wake up this morning having to deal with an issue they probably never thought they’d have to face several years ago. Parents now have to decide how they will deal with the reality that their child will not enjoy a basic level of privacy when they use a restroom or locker room when they go to school. Will this bring about a rise in private school attendance? Will it inspire more parents to home school their children?  Will states flirt with the idea of refusing federal education funds?

As Stand to Reason asked, what is your tipping point for taking your kids out of public schools?  What will it take for us to protect them?

What will it take for us not to let the Federal government take our money, siphon off a huge chunk for their corrupt bureaucracy and then hold it hostage unless we give in to their perverted demands?

It is hard to believe that we are talking about bathroom laws, but here we are.  This isn’t just their ideological differences about a tiny subset of the population, this is about them forcing you to say and do things you know are horribly wrong.

This is all brought to you by Leftists, including the “Christian” Left.  And keep in mind that Trump opposed the NC bathroom law.  It is unfortunate that not enough people voted for Ted Cruz, which left us with three perverted Socialists to (not) choose from.

We are getting what we deserve.

trans laws

Transanity truisms:

  • All agree that something is wrong with “trans” people. Normal people say the mind is wrong, Leftists say it is the body.
  • If Bruce Jenner really is a woman, then Karen Carpenter really was fat.
  • Leftist pervert logic: Girls wanting bathrooms with just girls are haters, but boys who only want bathrooms with girls must be accommodated.

2 thoughts on “Move over, Boston Tea Party. Transanity is forcing a North Carolina Toilet Party.”

  1. I’m not sure there is a tipping point. Not enough people feel like they can take a stand at all, which is sad. After all, the worst thing one can be in our society is one that points out sin for being sin.


  2. It’s a huge undertaking for some people to home school their kids. It’s a huge undertaking for others to pay tuition for parochial or private schools. The leftist Dept. of Education likely knows that few are able to throw off the shackles so easily and thus they know they have a captive audience they can corrupt, brainwash, indoctrinate.

    I don’t see things getting better in the culture war regardless of who takes the Oath of Office come January 2017. All we can really do is be more vocal, boldly and honestly so, seek out and support political candidates who are committed to truth, science and Constitutional principles, and above all pray like the lives and souls of our descendants depend upon it…which they do.


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