Why shop at Target when they have such contempt for you?

Why give money to vendors who aren’t just perverse but who are going out of their way to mock you? Target doesn’t really care about “trans” people, they care about their “in-your-face, Christians” agenda.
My family used to be active Target Red Card users. We spent literally thousands there per year. When we’d see a new commercial site spring up we’d joke that we hoped it was a Target.
No more. Now if I went there all I would think about is how much contempt they have for me.
Only shop at Target if you have other choices. If you shop their less — or not at all — it will send a message to other businesses not to get involved in the culture wars and not to let the LGBTQX lobby bully them into mocking you 24×7.

2 thoughts on “Why shop at Target when they have such contempt for you?”

  1. I’m sure you mean “Only shop at Target if you have NO other choices”, and that’s how it will be for us. My wife was just lamenting that she doesn’t want to go to Walmart (too influenced by all the internet pics of zany Walmart shoppers I think), but is indeed concerned about supporting them after their policy was announced. Like you, Target was a preferred store for her for the various routine necessities of life. I agree that letting them feel a few quarters of reduced profits is a good thing to impose upon them.


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