Using sports to annihilate Leftist gender confusion

This is such a great example of the farce that is represented by the demands for “equal pay” and the fantasy that you choose your own gender.  Via A Sporting Difference: On Men’s and Women’s Athletics:
Although women’s athletics have slowly gained some modest popularity in recent years, owners and fans never quite treat them equally. Pay between the NBA and the WNBA is uneven. The NBA players may seek to promote equality through their television ads, but they do not demand that their sisters in the WNBA receive “equal pay for equal work.” Equal pay would require a substantial pay cut for the NBA players. Further, the pursuit of equality has not led to a demand that WNBA players play with the same size ball as NBA players or have the same three-point line. On the college level, these differences have caused the Department of Education and the Justice Department to get involved, as complaints about inequality in college athletics have been filed and investigated at increasing rates during the Obama administration.

All you have to do to annihilate Leftist gender arguments is to point out that the solution is simple: Eliminate ALL “male” and “female” sport designations and just have one team. Example: One basketball team per school. If females are one of the top 12 players, then they make the team. Otherwise, they don’t. Same thing for football, volleyball, baseball, softball, track, swimming, etc. What could be more fair? Women will dominate rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and . . . uh . . . not much else. But it will all be “fair,” at least in Leftist terms.

Sure, lots of women will lose the opportunity to enjoy and learn from sports.  But we’ll save lots of money and lots of Leftist whining.
If any Leftist doesn’t like this plan then accuse them of being misogynists.  After all, they’d be claiming that women can’t compete with men and/or that gender is a real thing and not something you just choose.


4 thoughts on “Using sports to annihilate Leftist gender confusion”

  1. Good point! I think it is sad though they didn’t try this leftist experiment first with sports before what they are now trying to do with the combat arms with the military…


  2. There has been a recent comparison between all male military units versus those with a mix of men and women. In every area, I believe, the all male units performed much better.

    I also note that, despite the fact that I do try to follow the Chicago Sky, the WNBA team, their season is shorter, it is not given the same network support and largely, does not draw the same size crowds as does the NBA. I also had a slight interest in the Chicago Bandits for a time (women’s pro-softball league), but admittedly that was due to a pitcher they had that was quite the babe.

    And that’s a bit of tell regarding what attracts men to women’s sports…the babe factor. Recall in “A League of Their Own” how they insisted on players wearing skirts. While I personally enjoy watching skilled and competitive play regardless of the sex of the league, I just can’t seem to get as excited about the women’s leagues. Until the average sports enthusiast can see no difference between the two, women’s leagues will continue to suffer from pay “inequities”. It’s merely a matter of market forces. Their pay is a reflection of the demand, or lack thereof. That’s as it should be but unfortunately for some, it doesn’t work out well.


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