Beyond parody: Pro-abort “Christian” Left thinks this is one of their better examples for zero abortion restrictions

In Episcopalian Priest Aborted Her Baby So She Could Finish Divinity School, the title says pretty much all you need to know about this wicked woman who killed her own child so it would be easier for her to become a “priest.”

If the Reverend Anne Fowler had not had access to an abortion when she accidentally became pregnant after enrolling in Divinity School, she would never have been able to graduate, to serve as a parish rector, or to help the enormous number of people whose lives she has touched. Unable to pursue her calling or be the mother she wanted to be for the daughter she already had, she would have been broken.

But it gets better: She got pregnant out of wedlock even though she had an alleged “calling” to go to divinity school. Yeah, God often “calls” women to fornicate and kill their children so they can serve him as “priests” — even though scripture explicitly forbids all three of those things.

Hey, think of all the extra people you could help if you just killed your children!

And note the anti-science slant in pretending that she only had one child.  She had one outside the womb and one inside.

To top it off, these pro-aborts think this is one of the best examples they have for removing any restrictions on abortion, because they are using this in the latest Supreme Court case.

These Molech-worshiping “Christian” Left ghouls are beyond parody.


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