Sweet, sweet schadenfreude, Bernie Sanders style.


The “Christian” Left and the other Leftist extremists supporting Sanders can’t complain, of course. So what if Bernie worked so much harder and performed so much better than Hillary? Things have to be “fair.”

Remember, that is the core of Bernie’s message: Vote for me and you get lots of free stuff! paid for by other people who worked hard for their money.  It isn’t fair that they ended up with more than you!  That college loan you agreed to pay back for your Womyn’s Studies major that will make you unemployable by any decent company?  Yeah, you shouldn’t have to repay that!  And so on.

As wicked as Hillary is I’m glad to see the Leftists get mugged by reality this way. Unfortunately, instead of learning a valuable lesson and seeing the truth and wisdom of conservative principles, they will mostly double down on their poisonous philosophy (e.g., “Russia didn’t didn’t implement Communism properly, but we’ll get it right).  Once again, Leftists literally fail at basic economics.  They should not be in charge of the economy.  Or anything else.

Sure, Hillary is a selfish, greedy, corrupt, law-breaking ogre of a person, but she monetized her power long ago and has been using it to eliminate other candidates and to buy the Presidency.  And that’s how power works in the Leftist dreamland of Socialism and Communism.  And they will line up to vote for her once she has dispatched Bernie for good. Because deep down their real loves are abortion, LGBTQX perversions and coveting. Hillary won’t redistribute quite as much of other people’s money as Bernie, but it will have to suffice for the Left.

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