Planned Parenthood will spend $20 million of taxpayer money endorsing Hillary and others

The largest killer of human beings in the country cycles your tax dollars between themselves and pro-abortion extremists like Hillary.  What a great system for them!

Source: Planned Parenthood Says It Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

“Let’s be clear — reproductive rights and health are on the ballot in 2016,” Richards said. “It is unthinkable that our daughters and granddaughters would have fewer rights than my generation did, yet every single GOP candidate for president wants to erase decades of progress for women — pledging to cut access to Planned Parenthood, ban safe, legal abortion, and block health insurance coverage for birth control.” The group said it would formally announce the endorsement in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday, at the same event in which it kicks off its 2016 electoral program. Planned Parenthood has said it plans to spend at least $20 million in the upcoming election cycle, targeting key battleground states.

First, “Reproductive rights/freedom/choice/justice/health/etc.” are false, Orwellian, anti-scientific terms. They apply to birth control, not abortion, because abortion destroys a human being who has already been reproduced. That is a scientific fact confirmed by any mainstream embryology textbook and basic logic. It is a deadly and evil phrase. Yes, they have a right to reproduce, but no, they shouldn’t have the right to kill human beings who have already been reproduced.  Never let pro-aborts get away with using that phrase.

And note how no one is “blocking” access to birth control, they simply don’t want to force others to pay for it — along with abortions.

Always remember, Planned Parenthood kills unwanted children for a living, they systematically hide rape, incest and sex trafficking, they encourage kids to have all sorts of out-of-wedlock sex and pretend that it can be done without risks, they would rather destroy a breast cancer charity than part ways amicably, they commit Medicaid fraud, they teach kids the joys of BDSM, they sell body parts of dead babies for profit then lie about it, they insist that people with HIV have a right to hide it from their sex partners, and so much more. Their leaders and abortionists get rich off of death and misery, aided by your taxes.  They use some of that money to fund propaganda telling women that if they aren’t willing to kill their children that they can’t be equal in value to men.


2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood will spend $20 million of taxpayer money endorsing Hillary and others”

  1. Just a warning out of genuine concern. I do believe in the free exchange of ideas and opinions, but your last paragraph is slander by the legal definition, and if someone in that organization wanted to, they could sue you. Personally, I call it groundless hyperbole, but I know several bloggers who’ve gotten into very expensive trouble accusing people and organizations of specific crimes they can’t prove in court.

    I see PP’s actions as a no-brainer, simple business decision. Mrs. Clinton is likely to be the Democratic Party nominee, and all the Republican nominees want to de-fund them. They are acting in their own interest, as any corporation should.


    1. Re their business decision – yes, they are acting in their interests. The point it that they shouldn’t get taxpayer funding only to use it to lobby for more taxpayer funding.  Re the rest – I have extensive documentation for all those things, but thanks!

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