Hillary could probably fake a polygraph test, but could her supporters?

At first glance I’d love to see Hillary go up against the families of those killed in Benghazi regarding her claim that they are all lying.  A live polygraph exam would make great theater.  But as many law enforcement people will tell you, some people are such skilled liars that they could fake it and pass a polygraph.  Hillary has lied so thoroughly and for so long that she might be in that category.  Example: Watch Hillary lies for 3 solid minutes.  And watch the Left not care.

The guy did a modicum of actual journalism but let her go too easily. She didn’t tell Sullivan to take out classified information, she told him to take out the heading. Her email could not have been more clear.  And she said she knew to email people on their government accounts but he let her ignore the fact that she was using a personal account the entire time.

But anyone watching has to know she is lying, and in a most insulting way.  She used her personal email account to note that others should know not to use personal email accounts — and then she dismissed that as evidence against her claim!

So she is obviously lying, but what about her followers?  What is their excuse?  How can they claim to care about the truth when they are supporting a serial liar?  They are either so ignorant of facts and logic that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote or they are malicious like Hillary.

I’d love to see them take polygraphs and ask if they know that their heroine is a serial liar.  Bonus points: Do they care that Hillary helped destroy the women who dared to out her husband for his sexual misdeeds?

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