Bad news for D.C. and other inner cities

With homicides surging more than 50 percent this year, it’s probably not a comfort to residents of Washington D.C. that their police force has dropped to its lowest levels in 10 years (via WaPo): A…

Source: Oh my: DC Police drops below 3,800 officers for the first time in 10 years « Hot Air

But with the Leftists and Black Lives Matter people blaming police for everything and with foolish politicians telling their constituents to throw rocks and bottles at police, guess what will happen to the number of new recruits?

Make no mistake: The bad guys will know where police numbers are down and will target those areas.  So once again the Left — including the vile and racist “Christian” Left — will harm inner-city blacks, the very people they claim to care about.

2 thoughts on “Bad news for D.C. and other inner cities”

  1. With the lower levels of police, then one would think there would be a corresponding lowering of murders of black lives… that matter… more than ordinary people’s lives. One would think. If they believed the hype.

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