And yet another hate-hoaxer . . .

The volume of hate hoaxes appears to be increasing, though it can be hard to track because of the time it takes to expose them.  You’d think we’d be seeing less of these, but the hoaxers never seem to get any consequences.  I’d add, “other than being embarrassed at being caught,” but they don’t appear to have any sense of shame. Via Black Lives Matter Agitator Mercutio Southall, Supposedly Beaten by Trump Supporters, Joins the Hate Hoax List:

The fascistic Black Lives Matter movement is one giant hate hoax, so it is not surprising that thugs taking part in it would find their way onto the Hate Hoax List. Jim Goad tells the tale of allegedly oppressed social justice warrior Mercutio Southall:According to the Daily Beast, [a] black protester at [an] Alabama Trump rally, one Mercutio Southall, Jr., was “beaten” by the crowd and is planning to file hate-crime charges. Donald Trump is being considered as a possible accessory to the crime. The New York Times also states as fact that he was “beaten.” The Washington Post says that he was “punched.” Keep in mind that in the absence of clear evidence and a criminal trial, reporters are supposed to insert an “allegedly” or “reportedly.” But in all these cases, they claim without equivocation that a crowd of fat old angry white bigots assaulted this man.Here is video of the beginning of the fracas with Southall. From what I can tell, he’s screaming and elbowing and gesticulating and generally being a bellicose prick. But I don’t see him getting punched or beaten. And here is video from a CNN reporter stating that Southall “was shoved, tackled, punched & kicked.”I’ve closely watched the latter video at least ten times, and the only person I can see throwing a punch is Southall.When one’s entire identity revolves around being persecuted…yet to one’s extreme dismay people aren’t actually persecuting you…one must often resort to making sh** up. What’s truly unsettling is how easy it is these days for these blatant liars to be believed.

If these agitators can’t find real examples of hate, maybe there isn’t as much out there as they think.  But the malicious and/or naive Leftists will run with these hoaxes as “evidence” for decades, because they are shielded from the corrections by their media of choice and they don’t want to spoil the narrative.

Poor little Social Justice Warrior Snowflakes, always having to live in a fantasy world!

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