Muhammad Ali needs to find a new religion

Why?  Because he knows as much about Islam as the “Christian” Left does about Christianity.  Via Muhammad Ali Hits at Trump and ‘Misguided Murderers’ Sabotaging Islam:

Like the champion fighter he is, Muhammad Ali took jabs Wednesday at “so called Islamic Jihadists” and those who would “use Islam to advance their own personal agenda.””I am a Muslim and there is nothing Islamic about killing innocent people in Paris, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in the world,” the former heavyweight champion of the world and peace activist declared in a statement to NBC News. “True Muslims know that the ruthless violence of so called Islamic Jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion.”

I’m glad he opposes their violence, but that is the true nature of Islam.  Contrary to Christianity, Islam started, spread and continues to this day with violence.  The higher the percentage of Muslims in a country, the worse it is.

So celebrity Muslims like Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc. need to find new religions.  Like their “Christian” Leftist buddies who deny the essentials of the faith while claiming the name of Christ, these guys need to study up on what their professed religion really teaches and decide if they want to be associated with it or if they want to find a religion more suited to their beliefs.

I recommend Christianity, founded and led by the one true God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who died for our sins and rose again.  It is the one true path to God.

7 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali needs to find a new religion”

  1. Heard what Ali said on Fox News this morning. You are absolutely correct! He needs to find Jesus – as we all do! Ali is considered an apostate of Islam for his “moderate” beliefs. The question is, does he know that? He is either clueless or using the typical taqiyya method of lying in order to sway the minds of people away from the obvious: Islam is revealed in the Quran as well as around the world through jihad as a dangerous, demonic, geo-political sharia law infused lie (masquerading as a religion) whose goal is death and destruction in order to bring about a world-wide caliphate and domination of all peoples. It’s sad how the “Christian” left ignores the truth in God’s Word, the terrible truth about Islam, and the Godly truth (the only kind that matters!) on so many other issues!

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      1. Thanks! An additional lie is the one that claims that Islam “is a religion of peace.” Perhaps people who have never read the Quran surahs that tell radicalized Islamic followers to “strike the necks of the infidels” might believe that…but it is so obvious to those who know the truth about the demonic Islamists that such ignorance will lead to their own detriment!


  2. There seems to be so many who profess as Ali does. Such flies in the face of even some of the more notable muslim apologists and scholars through the ages. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has written extensively on the subject of islam and quranic teaching, citing those notable experts heavily to demonstrate just how violent the game plan is. So how is it so many say the complete opposite? Is it as Christine said, “the typical taqiyya method of lying”? Are they stupid? Are they using a different “holy book”? The disparity is incredibly vast.

    Even more importantly, the name changes are most troubling. While I’ve come to think of him as Ali, what better name for a boxer than “Cassius Clay”. If I was to change my name, I’d strongly consider that, particularly since he isn’t using it anymore. I wanted to use it as a band name (no one else liked the idea). Another boxer from some years back, Dwight Mohammed Quawi (sp) was originally Dwight Braxton. Tell me that’s not a great boxer name!!

    And Kareem?? For pete’s sake!!! Lew Alcindor just reeked basketball. I can still remember the announcers shouting his name back when he played for the Milwaukee Bucks. It just ain’t right.

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    1. Kareem has been my favorite athlete my entire life. But he is such a disappointment politically — and because he’s a total jerk. I read an article about how he was doing a photo shoot in NYC to show what a carefree, nice guy he was, and he hypocritically and ironically was inexplicably rude to a dad and a son after the mentioned how great Kareem was. Ugh.

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      1. Yeah, he’s one of those guys that is often sought for opinion and always leaves me wishing they had sought the opinion of someone else. He’s just another lefty.


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