Responding to Leftist memes


Hi everyone — I used some PowerPoint macros to make it easy to take Leftist memes and turn responses into jpeg files.  Some of these have been published on the Eternity Matters Facebook page and some will be published later.  Feel free to use any of these without attribution.   Sharing is caring!

If you see any memes you want me to respond to please paste a link in the comments.  And thanks for being on the right (heh) side of these issues.

Some of these will seem dated after a while, but it will give you an idea of what the Left has to offer.

Even though these “Christian” Leftists are my ideological foes I have to admit I’m actually embarrassed for them when they post these — and worse yet, for those who comment on them.  It is such a train wreck of bad theology and made-up religiosity.

The biblical/economic/political/logical ignorance is hard to fathom — although I know that many of them know the memes are false but pass them on out of malice.  But what would we expect from Romans 1 poster children?  I do hope they repent and believe someday, but in the meantime one way to love our neighbors is to correct such nonsense and blasphemy.

I’ll update this post as I add more, so you might want to bookmark this page.




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