The evil inconsistency of the “Christian” Left

Note: This was written before the latest Muslim terrorist shootings in California

They pretend that all pro-lifers are violent just because a very small number have been violent and when their violence is the opposite of the beliefs of the movement and of Christianity.  Oh, and they ignore the spectacular violence of abortions.

They pretend that all gun owners are to blame when a very small number break gun laws and harm others.  And they ignore the countless lives saved by guns.

They think the Constitution doesn’t give you a right to bear arms but that it does give you the right to a dead baby.  These ghouls literally believe that you can kill a child up to her first breath for any reason with Jesus’ approval.

They pretend that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that the murderers are the exception.  To do that they have to ignore the entire history of Islam.  That’s hard work!  They ignore the obvious: Muslim violence is in accord with its founder and teachings, whereas violence in the name of Christ is not.

Then again, remember that these “Christians” believe the opposite of Christians on all major doctrines.

Run, don’t walk, from “Christian” Left “churches.”

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