Portlandia: A show by Leftists that actually makes fun of Leftists

I was a little leery when I heard about the TV show Portlandia.  I watch very little TV (key success factor in life!) and don’t need to give Leftists more time to mock my worldview.  But these folks are actually pretty funny with their sketches and they constantly skewer Leftists.

Here are a couple samples.  I’ve shared this before, but it is a phenomenal send-up of the transanity movement.  I’m surprised they haven’t been destroyed as “haters” for this.

And note the name of the bookstore: Women and Women First.  What a perfectly devastating indictment of feminism!  Instead of the classic “women and children first” mantra of the West (Islam never picked up on that concept), feminism devalues or ignores men completely and would rather crush and dismember children than consider them valuable.  Therefore, it is always and only about women.  That’s the completely malignant narcissism of feminism.

This is a funny one about the challenges of finding a decent phone plan.

I had an experience in a coffee shop today that reminded me of that one.

Me: What bagels do you have?

Guy that looked and sounded like the guy in the video: Plain, sesame and Everything

Me: What does the Everything have?

Guy: Everything.

I admit that I sort of walked into his response.  I should have asked if he had an Everything Plus.

If you have Netflix, check it out sometime.

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