Yes, the “Christian” Left and the Democrats really are this wicked, foolish and cowardly

The “Christian” Left loves Socialist non-Christian Bernie Sanders, because they agree with false teacher Jim Wallis that “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution, they are pro-abortion extremists, and because they agree with the nonsense of “climate change” (aka weather) being the cause of terrorism.  Because apparently mankind’s carbon usage drove the climate has been changing constantly since Mohammad founded Islam, which started with violence, spread with violence and has never stopped being violent.  Oh, and it is “slightly” anti-women and anti-LGBTQX, but the Left fears the violence of Islam more than that of women and sexual perverts.

Via Bernie Sanders Is Asked After Paris Attacks What Greatest Threat to America Is — Here’s His Answer:

“In the previous debate, you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. Do you still believe that?” the moderator asked. “Absolutely,” he immediately answered. Sanders argued that “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.” He said many countries will soon be “struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops and you’re going to see all kinds of international conflict.”

Keep in mind that this was the day after the Paris attacks.  Even this cowardly dhimmi should be able to see that those murders were driven by Islamic ideology and not the weather.  We would excuse that ignorance and naivete in a small child, but we should expose and mock it in adults — especially those running for President of the United States. Those holding that view are without excuse.  They are wicked, they are foolish and they are cowardly.

5 thoughts on “Yes, the “Christian” Left and the Democrats really are this wicked, foolish and cowardly”

  1. Yes this is dhimmitude. And yet it boggles the mind. Can he be truly ignorant of Islam? That seems hard to believe, but maybe possible. Why does he bring in climate change. Is it a diversion tactic? Is it only about sound-bites – content no longer matters? Does he understand everything and is speaking knowing lies?

    Wicked, foolish, cowardly. Hmm. Hard to see it otherwise.

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      1. So you agree with the “cynical” view – he’s intentionally speaking falsehood.

        It does look that way. And so again, apart from the politics of the thing, another huge swatch of Americans are being set up with a “false savior”, only later to face inevitable disillusionment and demoralization when his true colors emerge.


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