“If Mrs. Dahmer/Mrs. Hitler of the 21st century wanted to have an abortion, what would you say to her?”

I’m re-running this as a response to the “Would you have killed baby Hitler?” silliness floating around the Interwebs.  Just replace “Jeffery” with “Adolph” and you’ll get the point.
The provocative question in the title came from a recent commenter. She was referring to Jeffrey Dahmer, a mass murderer who identified as a homosexual. Of course, this hypothetical could never happen. We don’t know for certain what people will do in the future. How do I know that she is carrying Jeffrey and that he will kill many people? Is this a Hot Tub Time Machine situation?

But while suspending my reality for the sake of discussion, here’s my answer:

  • I would tell her not to abort, because abortion kills an innocent human being.
  • Killing people because they might kill — or even would be highly likely to kill — is a rather dangerous precedent. I’m one of those compulsively old-fashioned types who thinks you should punish people after they commit crimes, not before.
  • I would offer to give her parenting advice based on the word of God. It isn’t fool-proof, but it would increase his odds greatly.

I asked a couple clarifying questions for the commenter but oddly enough she never came back to answer them. Here they are for her, if she is still reading, and for anyone else sharing her views:

Do you approve of capital punishment for Jeffrey after he has committed his crimes? (If you are, you are an exception, as most pro-legalized abortionists I know are anti-capital punishment.) I realize that is sort of a “duh” question on my part considering that you want to execute him decades before his crimes, but I want to make sure I represent your views accurately.

Isn’t your objection to Jeffrey Dahmer that he killed innocent human beings? How is killing an innocent human being (at least at that stage of his life) consistent with that?

Isn’t it customary to wait until after people commit crimes to punish them?

Do you agree that the human being Mrs. Dahmer would have destroyed is actually Jeffrey at a particular stage of development?  If so, we agree that the unborn are human beings at a particular stage of development.

How do you know Jeffrey will be evil and not a hero [cough, cough] like Obama?

If she can have Jeffrey killed inside the womb for crimes he might or even “will” commit (in this hypothetical), can she kill him outside the womb for the same reasons? If not, why not?

If Mrs. Dahmer didn’t want to abort Jeffrey even though she “knew” what he would do, should the government force her to abort him? If not, can the government kill him outside the womb to protect others?


My guess is that posing the Dahmer/Hitler question gets all sorts of virtual high fives and back slapping on pro-legalized abortion blogs, but I think it is pretty easy to prove how ridiculous the premise is. They work hard at justifying abortion. If only they would use their powers for good instead of evil.

What would the rest of you say to Mrs. Dahmer or to the commenter who brought this up?

4 thoughts on ““If Mrs. Dahmer/Mrs. Hitler of the 21st century wanted to have an abortion, what would you say to her?””

  1. “If you knew that a 10-year old girl were carrying the person who would cure cancer, would you think it’s okay for her to get an abortion?”

    In all seriousness, this has nothing to do with abortion. No one is having an abortion because they think their kid is Hitler; they are having abortions to get rid of a kid they don’t want.

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