Ted Cruz, centrist. Seriously.

Sure, there are lots of people far to his left and some to his right.  But with respect to governing in the United States of America, he is truly a centrist.  Why?  Because he is centered on the Constitution, the governing document of our country.

He loves the Constitution.  He talks about it a lot.  He memorized it.  He applies it accurately.

If you don’t like the Constitution, then I’ve got good news for you: You can change it!  It even tells you how to change it.  Oh, sure, it is hard work, but that’s by design.  Many of our current problems are caused by gutless Republicans who have let Obama and the rest of the Left ignore the Constitution.

But there is hope if we can get someone strong enough to undo some of the damage.  And Cruz is the only one even talking in those terms.

7 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, centrist. Seriously.”

  1. I think he’s my favorite so far, though I could vote for most, not all, of them. You scared me. I read that first line and I thought, now here’ s a guy who lived in Texas, and perhaps knows more than others. What kind of disconnect is he going to reveal between Ted’s words and actions? Whew, sigh of relief.


  2. I am listening to this over at C-Span right now and it is amazing how well Ted Cruz rats out the RINOS and shows how they are members (along withal the Demoncrats) of the evil cartel of Washington D.C.!


  3. I like Cruz enough to have him my #1 choice thus far. I’m not sure I’m down with his position on immigration, as I’m not quite sure exactly where he stands. And I mean exactly. And while he is definitely a fighter, what has he won? Still digging on all of these guys.


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