Useful idiots

A friend shared a link on Facebook about the Tennessee school district that pushed Islam on children and a Leftist responded with this: “Seriously??? Do you actually believe this?”

Yes, my friend believed it, and so do I, because it is true.  I am very selective about the media I consume and I long ago dismissed sources that over-sensationalize things or have many mistakes (or any uncorrected mistakes).

The useful idiots on the Left only consume the Leftist mainstream media, go to Leftist educational institutions, watch Leftist entertainment, etc. They are embarrassingly poorly informed. Meanwhile, all the conservatives I know get plenty of news from the Left and the Right. That doesn’t make us correct — though we usually are! — but we are much, much more thoroughly informed. As in this example, Leftists are in such denial about what Islam does around the world.

I don’t say “useful idiots” as a random pejorative, it was a phrase used by Communists describing those who would unwittingly help destroy the U.S. from inside and then get killed anyway. This is a fascinating interview that shows just how effective they have been.

Leftists think these things couldn’t be happening because their media/education/entertainment cocoon is hiding them from it — sort of like the ISIS intelligence information that got edited to suit the Obama narrative. And sort of like the Planned Parenthood videos that people aren’t hearing about — or if they do hear about them, they believe the convenient lie that they were “edited” (as if every video isn’t edited). Because you can totally trust people who kill unwanted children for a living!  Nothing to see here, folks . . . just blame Bush, racism, etc. and never mind the child-killing, and violent ideologies, etc.

3 thoughts on “Useful idiots”

  1. Great find on this video.

    You write:

    I am very selective about the media I consume and I long ago dismissed sources that over-sensationalize things or have many mistakes (or any uncorrected mistakes).

    One of the more difficult things in my blogging journey is accepting that many people can’t or won’t accept things which contradict the things they’ve previously accepted. The natural tendency for some of us when faced with this is to “strive harder to convince”. This doesn’t work, even if the facts and references are as strong as can be. I still can’t believe that facts won’t sway people, but in many cases they will not. As Abraham said to the rich man, as related by Jesus in Luke 25, “neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

    I hope in time the mistakes I make in tone and content will decrease, and that I’ll always have the courage and ability to correct them.

    Thanks for the post. It made me think.


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