Curt Schilling’s only error was understatement

Curt Schilling’s Tweet had the correct figures, but it ignores that there are over a billion Muslims and there were only tens of millions of Germans.  So the threat from Islam is far greater than that of Nazi Germany.

It is tragic that stating the obvious like that can get you fired by the weasels at ESPN.

Via: ESPN Thought Police Come Down on Curt Schilling Again

It had been reported that Curt Schilling’s suspension from ESPN for being an alleged Islamophobe would be brief. However, that was before the moonbat thought police running that execrable outfit discovered that Schilling’s apology was not for saying that 2 + 2 = 4 regarding Islam, but for saying it in the wrong forum. For continuing to believe that Muslim terrorists pose a threat, he was subjected to further punishment:Schilling, the ex-MLB star and current ESPN broadcaster, was punished again by the network Thursday. He’ll be benched for the rest of the MLB season — taken off Sunday Night Baseball and nixed from wild-card game coverage.Whether he ever appears on ESPN again is doubtful. For the sake of his own self-respect, let’s hope not.Again we see that liberal totalitarians will never be satisfied until you convince them that you actually agree with their sick ideology, which entails obsequiously revering Muslims not despite but because of their hostile intentions toward the West.


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