One of the most wicked things about the “Christian” Left . . .

Planned Parenthood likes to post pro-abortion views from the “Christian” Left.  As awful as that is, there is an amusing benefit: Watching the pro-aborts try to dismiss pro-life religious views because they are religious yet unapologetically cheering on the pro-abortion extremists on the “Christian” Left.  This post was an example: Faith leaders speak out against attacks on Planned Parenthood.

Here’s the response I left:

One of the most wicked things about the “Christian” Left pro-abortion extremists* — aside from promoting the killing of unwanted children — is that they don’t offer the best thing about true Christianity: Grace and complete forgiveness of all your sins through faith in Jesus Christ. Anyone who has participated in the abortion process, including the mother’s parents and their boyfriends/husbands who pressure them to abort – can be forgiven of the grievous sin of abortion and all their other sins as well. But the “Christian” Left pretends that people are right with God as they are, which is an eternally wicked joke.
P.S. Please spare me the hypocrisy of your religion-bashing on this comment unless you have already posted a comment dismissing the original post. After all, if you refuse to consider pro-life religious arguments you’d be a hypocrite not to treat pro-abortion “Christian” Left arguments the same way.
*The “Christian” Left is far more extreme in their pro-abortion agenda than the average pro-choice person. They insist that life begins at the first breath and insist that Jesus is fine with killing unwanted children until that point. I realize how ridiculous their views sound and how many people must think I’m making a straw-man argument. But that is just because their own words are so clear and extreme: “According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.” More here about how to respond, with full, in-context quotes from them.

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