When Leftists bring up the Catholic Church’s sex scandal and coverup . . .

When you remind pro-abortion people of how Planned Parenthood systematically hides rapists and sex traffickers they often bring up the Catholic Church’s “pedophile” priest scandal.  They don’t really care about the rape victims, they are just trying to change the subject — and it is easy to show it.

Here’s a sample exchange from the Planned Parenthood Facebook page that I encourage people to use in some fashion.  After I shared the audio and video evidence of PP systematically hiding statutory rape to protect their abortion profits, I got this response:

You sure you’re not talking about the Catholic Church instead of PP?

My reply:
You won’t find me protecting the Catholic church. They relaxed their standards, let in a bunch of gays that ended up abusing boys, then hid the crimes. Glad you and I agree that was so wrong!
The question is why you support PP when they hide even more predators than the Catholics ever did. If you were consistent you’d care about what PP is doing. The evidence is there — far more than the accusers of the Catholic church ever came up with (not that I doubt them).
So if you don’t fight PP, you are showing that you don’t care about the victims of the rapists or the Catholic church priests, you just love abortion.
You get bonus points if you ask them where they’ve written about this: Planned Parenthood Abortion Doc Sexually Molested Patients for 20 Years.

6 thoughts on “When Leftists bring up the Catholic Church’s sex scandal and coverup . . .”

  1. It should be noted that the Catholic Church is no worse than any other denomination as regards sex abuse. Theirs is just more often of the homosexual variety. But worse still is the public school system. The problem is that the Catholic Church has been getting the most press about such things, and they are targeted more often by the anti-religious.

    Just thought I’d throw those never publicized facts in there for balance.


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