Just make pro-choicers finish the sentence

People who favor pro-legalized-abortion are skilled at the name game, but it is very easy to refute their arguments just by finishing their sentences.  If you didn’t know better you’d think they didn’t know how to complete a sentence.  They will do anything to avoid the word abortion.  It is always, “choice,” “reproductive freedom,” “women’s rights,” etc.  And they call us “anti-choice.”

I’d be OK with any of those labels provided that they completed the sentence for a change.  Example: If abortions are illegal then women might get hurt when they have their children crushed and dismembered.  Sounds different, doesn’t it?  Their emotional appeal to the safety of the mother always ignores the child who gets killed.  So play their sound bite back with a simple addition that includes the child.

More examples:

– Anti-choice to crush and dismember an innocent human being

– Pro-choice to kill an innocent human being

– A woman’s right (but not a man’s) to have her unborn child destroyed 

– Pro-reproductive freedom to kill an innocent human being, up to and including partial birth abortion (and after, if your last name is Obama)

– and so on.

A “Christian” Left blogger commented on another site about choice:

As to the abortion issue, as ___ raises it, he is exactly right. That’s the whole point of being “pro-choice”. I can’t speak for anyone else, so I’ll just say that, being pro-choice means just that. Gov. Palin and her husband are to be admired for their decision, even after it was revealed the baby would have Down’s, to continue with the pregnancy and add a fifth child at such a late point in their lives. Another couple might have made another choice, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that because I do not live their lives, and cannot make their moral or family choices for them.

As with most pro-legalized-abortion arguments he ignores the obvious: The Palins can’t choose to destroy the Down Syndrome child once he is outside the womb (at least, not yet).  So the only question is, “What is the unborn?”  Hint: Scientifically speaking, he is a human being.  So we shouldn’t give anyone the choice to kill him.

I saw this recently: Adoption: The choice where no one dies.

Always remember that forgiveness, hope and healing for anyone involved in the abortion process (or any other sin!) is available through Jesus.

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