The #BlackLivesMatter extremists get one right about White Supremacist Liberals

Schadenfreude Alert: This will leave a mark on old, white, racist false teachers such as:

The racist #BlackLivesMatters group is a Leftist Frankenstein creation.  It is the logical consequence of all the self-loathing that these old, white, false teaching elitists have taught for decades, and as Jeremiah Wright would say, the chickens have come home to roost.

But these extremists got one thing right: Black Lives Matter Activists Get Right in Bernie Sanders’ Face During Speech, Bully Him Offstage, Take Over Event: ‘White Supremacist Liberals’.  They have finally caught on that these old, white people don’t really care to improve things for black people.  When your heroes are people like Saul Alinsky and you follow the Cloward/Piven strategy to the letter then of course blacks will suffer.

Yes, they are White Supremacist Liberals, and they only care about black people as long as it advances their political agenda.


Hopefully the #BlackLivesMatter crowd will watch the Planned Parenthood videos and realize that black children are being crushed, dismembered and sold for parts at a rate three times that of whites.  It is what Hillary and her hero, Margaret Sanger, have endlessly fought for.  It is the ultimate in institutional racism, genocide and social injustice, yet the White Supremacist Liberals fight for it with all their might.

But that won’t stop the White Supremacist Liberals from their racist agenda.  As always, I get so tired of the “Christian” Left pretending to care about black people. The real racism is the Leftist pro-abortion, pro-genocide machinery that crushes, dismembers and sells blacks for profit at a rate three times that of whites.

The real racism is agenda that encourages single motherhood and the resulting drugs/crime/dropouts/homelessness/etc.

The real racism is the illegal immigration policies that suppress black wages and take black jobs and the race-baiters who stoke the flames of racism for profit.

The real racism is bowing down to teachers’ unions and limited school choice for black children.

The real racism is ignoring how black-on-white crime dwarfs the reverse.

The real racism is ignoring whites killed by the police.

And the real racism is pretending that blacks can only succeed when White Supremacist Liberals help them.

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