These Planned Parenthood videos are changing minds!

The “Christian” Left and other pro-aborts can’t see it, but the middle ground can.  The videos exposing the inner workings of Planned Parenthood are making a difference.  Thanks to all of you who have had the courage to share these on social media.  The mainstream media is working overtime to hide these, but we are making it hard on them.  They look more and more foolish every day.

Please continue to share these videos and the discussions about them. We know that the killing of these children is just as evil whether they profit from selling the body parts or not, but the fact is that people in the middle ground are finally seeing more of the truth about abortion, and they are changing sides! This is great news.

Will we ever get Cecile Richards, who makes over $500,000 per year from killing children, to switch sides? Or the Molech-worshiping “Christian” Left, who insists that life begins as the first breath? Doubtful. But that isn’t our goal. We are trying to persuade the middle ground.

Via Viewers react in horror to third undercover Planned Parenthood video, which was before the 4th video came out.

Dane Trumbore 1 day ago (edited)

“Even though I thought I knew how barbaric abortion is, I never really saw just how bad it really is and how deep it goes until now.”

Garrett Monson 1 day ago

“i was on the fence about abortion until i saw this”

Chris Jones 1 day ago

+Garrett Monson “Me too. I was actually more sympathetic to the pro-choice, until I watched this. This should be mandatory viewing before every abortion is conducted I believe.”

For those of us who’ve lived in a post Roe world all of our lives, to change our views on a ‘right’ that’s defended by our government is a big deal. The man below is not pro-life but he’s outraged by Planned Parenthood’s actions:

Oliver Witherspoon 1 day ago (edited)

The people at Planned Parenthood are so desensitized, they don’t seem to even realize how twisted and sick their conscious minds have become. I’m not even a family man, I’m a bachelor living in liberal-land Seattle and this makes me nauseous. I couldn’t live with myself if I was part of this monstrosity.  Up to 24 weeks!!!?? 6 month old’s?? Carving up body parts and selling them like they’re selling apples at a farmers market. Absolutely Horrific

This viewer admits to being a pro-choicer, who is now looking for evidence to possibly make a change. The viewer even asks for others to provide information to help in the decision process:

MM Marcus 13 hours ago

I am still on the fence on abortion. However, I’m leaning toward pro-life after these videos. I used to be a very conservative pro-choicer to begin with. ….. Anyone wants to tip me over the fence?

Some viewers plainly shared their feelings of disgust and outrage after viewing a fetus being picked apart for valuable pieces:

magorkel 5 hours ago

“these freaks are Frankensteins.”

stokedonstipen 9 hours ago

“I’m repulsed.”

Connie Atkinson 11 hours ago

“I am gobsmacked that Cecil the lion evokes more outrage than this. Holy sh**, are we in trouble!”

This man uses expressive language (edited) to share his horror. His last sentence is a weighty one:

cculb1 1 day ago

holy f***ing sh** man. i have seen a lot of messed up sh** on the internet. i’ve seen mexican cartel guys get their head sawed off with a chain saw… but i just had a new baby girl about 1.5 years ago and my wife is about to have our new boy any day now, and i’m going to have to say that this probably disturbs me more than anything i’ve ever seen.

Hopefully the woman below will call for Planned Parenthood’s defunding when she fully realizes the truth exposed in these videos:

sara gaste 1 day ago

I am Pro Choice but not Pro profit of tissue!  Tissue should only be donated if desired for medical research.etc. these people need to be de funded if there is any truth to this

This viewer is like many others who are personally pro-life but feel they can’t impose their beliefs on others. Yet she admits seeing these videos is causing her disgust to grow:

Helen Anderson 1 hour ago

Personally I think abortion is murder. That being said I don’t feel it is another person’s right to tell a woman what to do with her body, especially in the case of incest, rape or a medical emergency. But after watching this video I can’t help but feel disgusted and horrified with what mankind can do to innocent human beings who are not only disposed of by the thousands every year, but also sold so that greedy immoral people can get rich. Honestly it nearly made me throw up.

The latest documentation of their atrocities, staring off with a typical lie by Cecile Richards, PP’s CEO.

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