3 reasons to never exaggerate Planned Parenthood’s evils

I’m hoping that the organ-selling videos about Planned Parenthood are properly edited, just as Lila’s Rose’s undercover videos documenting the abortion giant’s systematic hiding of rapists and sex traffickers.  I think some people are tempted to make or pass on exaggerations, but as with other “Snopes” stories it is wrong to do that for three reasons.

1. It is wrong to bear false witness.  Leave the lying to the child-killers.

2. It is unnecessary.  These people kill unwanted children for a living.  Even if they didn’t greatly profit from the organ sales, just showing their callous, Molech-worshiping attitudes will turn off many middle-ground pro-choice people.  Remember, the Democrats, including the “Christian” Left*, are the real extremists.  The vast majority of people — pro-choicers included — oppose late-term abortions. We need to leverage that.  Watch how Carly Fiorina does a superb job of it here:

3. It is counterproductive.  Yes, Planned Parenthood will lie and say the videos were edited (and the media lets them get away with that even though Lila Rose published full videos backing up her claims), that it was due to rogue employees (they sure hire a lot of rogues!), etc.  But if someone steals $1 million and you say it was $2 million, then by virtue of making the correction the perpetrators somehow look a little less guilty. But they still stole $1 million!  By exaggerating the evils of PP, which are legendary, you let them make legitimate corrections and make it sound like they aren’t so bad after all.

*From the “Christian” Left: “According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.”

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