The harm that Bruce Jenner and the Left will do to others

This is a fact:No amount of body mutilation, make-up, clothes and rationalizing will make “trans” people happy.  So people who pretend that it will are doing great harm to those tempted to believe the lie.

I’ll be candid: I don’t care about Bruce Jenner any more than I care about the other 7,000,000,000+ people on the planet.  By that I mean that in one sense I care greatly.  I want them to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and will use my time, money and talents to make that happen in any way possible.  But in another sense I waste zero cycles worrying about their personal issues, mainly because I don’t have the capability to know what those are or to do anything about them.  And Bruce’s fame means nothing to me in light of eternity.

So on one level Bruce can do whatever he likes.  But all the sickening celebrations of his God-mocking will do great harm to others with similar temptations.  They’ll be led to believe that such mutilations and fantasies will actually help them, when it is more likely to increase their suicide rate.

Bruce will figure this out soon enough.  Is his real problem that he wasn’t living as a woman?  Or is it that no amount of fame, money and success would satisfy him and that he doesn’t know Jesus?

Here’s the larger problem: Even though this won’t solve Bruce’s problems, it is easier for him to pretend it will.  The guy has nearly all media outlets, politicians, sports organizations, public sentiment, etc. rooting for him.  That sort of fame will help him believe and prop up the lie much longer than others can.  And it will make others think that the changes are actually beneficial.

And will Bruce have any incentive to renounce this nonsense once he realizes it didn’t help?  Of course not.  Fame and riches have a way of doing that.  His “courageous” identify is tied up in him being a “woman.”  When he wakes up every day and realizes how ridiculous and exhausting it is to keep up the charade he’ll have to stifle the truth yet again.

And even if he told the truth, would the media report it?  Of course not.  Convenient lies need to be blasted with the volume at 11; corrections need to be ignored.  Don’t let the truth get in the way of a useful narrative like Bruce Jenner or Matthew Shepard.  Just move onto the next shiny object of rebellion.

Bruce Jenner still has XY chromosomes, regardless of what he calls himself.  Always has, always will.  If you say Bruce Jenner is a woman it is out of malice and/or ignorance and/or cowardice.

But you aren’t just harming him by propping up the lie, you are harming others.  Political correctness is seeking to maintain or increase your popularity by saying things that you know are false. It is not a virtue.You should stop doing that.

2 thoughts on “The harm that Bruce Jenner and the Left will do to others”

  1. This is true of the entire agenda propaganda and the enabling by people who should know better, but lack the courage to admit the truth. There is no logic to the notion that support for deviancy, particularly on the scale of a Supreme Court ruling, won’t lend legitimacy enough to eventually nudge, at the least, some toward the dark side. Simply look at how sexual promiscuity has skyrocketed amongst younger and younger people since the 1960’s. The more tolerance there is for bad behavior (and this is a case where the word “tolerance” is used appropriately), the more bad behavior we’ll get because tolerance will eventually equal celebration. And the celebration of Jenner’s bad choice, as the celebration of the Justice Kennedy through his perverse ruling, will influence the decisions and choices of those who lack a far better and soul-saving influence.


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