Just when you thought the pro-abortion “Christian” Left couldn’t get any creepier, now they are teaching kids to be happy about aborted siblings

Because that way the family will have more money and the child will get more attention.  Seriously.

I really, really wish I was making this up, but here we are.  Via Sister Apple, Sister Pig: Teaching Children to Embrace the Idea of Aborted Siblings.

“Sister Apple, Sister Pig” by Mary Walling Blackburn focuses on an adult topic: abortion. The story follows Lee as he (or “she,” as the author stressed) searches for his sister – who might be an apple, a pig, or somewhere in a tree. Lee later decides “Sister is a happy ghost!” and explicitly says he’s glad Sister isn’t around to inconvenience his parents.

That’s because his sister is one of the 56+ million who failed to survive Roe v Wade.

Unsurprisingly, the author is a college professor. She teaches art. One of her works features “a fetus-size casket covered in chocolate frosting.” But getting back to the book:

At one point, Lee explained to his Papa, “Well, she used to live in Mama and doesn’t anymore.” After Papa agreed, Lee reiterated, “She lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her. Mama says she is a ghost.”

When Lee’s Papa asked, “[D]oes that make you sad or scared?” Lee changed his tune. “I’m not sad that my sister is a ghost! If you kept my sister, you would be tired, and sad, and mad!”

Lee goes on to explain why it’s in his best interests that his parents killed his sister. No need to feel bad for her; now she’s a “happy ghost.”

Of course, the author is a United Methodist church member.  I’m so glad I left that pro-abortion outfit!

The “Christian” Left is even more extreme than the average pro-choicer, because they support infanticide (aka, “partial-birth abortion”).  Their “biblical” reasoning is that the child hasn’t had her first breath yet, so Jesus would be OK with killing her.  What ghouls!  Is it any wonder that they have sunk to marketing abortion to kids?

Coveting is at the core of the “Christian” Left and their wealth redistribution god.  But teaching kids to want their siblings dead so they can have more money and more time with mommy?!  That is extra-Satanic.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

6 thoughts on “Just when you thought the pro-abortion “Christian” Left couldn’t get any creepier, now they are teaching kids to be happy about aborted siblings”

  1. As an aside, the whole notion of “happy ghosts” is really weird when you think about it. From the non-Christian American (gnostic/New Age) perspective, ghosts are souls which “got caught” in the material world and couldn’t “move on”. Doesn’t sound too happy, does it? From the Christian perspective, aren’t ghosts masquerading devils? It’s making me wonder about Casper, the friendly ghost. What was the story behind him?

    This just sounds bad all around. Egads! is right.


  2. That is creepy. How evil do you have to be to try to convince children that it’s okay for their parents to murder their siblings because it makes them happy? Oh, and try to make children want their siblings dead so they’ll get more toys and attention. If you’re trying to turn the next generation into a bunch of self-absorbed, materialistic, morally-bankrupt sociopaths, that’s the way to do it.


  3. They worship at the foot of Molech and offer sacrifices all because of their selfish and evil motives. Do they not see the irony that the living child is not wondering why it too is not dead?


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