On government

The government is a monopoly.

Monopolies are inherently inefficient.

Therefore, the government is inherently inefficient. It should be limited.

Now, in light of those truths, is it any surprise that government run schools fail to teach that?

Is it any wonder that the “Christian” Left looks to government to solve all our problems?

Never forget that Leftists literally fail at basic economics.

2 thoughts on “On government”

  1. I suppose you mean our government as presently being run because that it is certainly not a monopoly by design. And do you mean the federal government or local governments?

    In the logical sense, if a monopoly is inherently inefficient and the government is a monopoly then the government is inherently inefficient. But this would argue for no government at all which I am sure you don’t mean.

    Governments have their purposes and so do monopolies when they are properly managed. For example, I remember the days when our power was managed and controlled by a monopoly which took advantage of economies of scale to provide power to everyone at a low cost. It’s when that monopoly got greedy that deregulation was required. Although I admit that a good monopoly is rare.

    What’s sad about government-run schools is perhaps not their structure but their world view. They disallow a view which would includes ideas rooted in basic Christianity. Indeed, they disallow views held by our founding fathers and implemented into the very fabric of the Constitution. Therefore, it is no wonder, no surprise, that government-run schools make a mess of what they do and that they are supported by liberals in the Christian left and elsewhere whose views are opposed to basic Christianity.


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