From the flying pigs category, I agree with Mark Sandlin.

Seriously.  He made valid points in If You Call Yourself a Christian and You Share This Meme – Stop It! where he criticized Leftists for doing a Lurch/Ann Coulter meme.

I never share or click “like” on memes that are pointless insults.  Showing unflattering pictures of Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton with insults added on is not only stupid and mean, it is counterproductive.  And taking the letters of “Democrat” or the like and doing some sort of acrostic with unflattering terms is equally pointless.

Pro-tip: If your ideological foe could take the same meme and insert your side and come up with the same conclusion, then your meme is worthless.

These memes are not only petty, mean-spirited and meaningless, they aren’t even funny.

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