Horrifically bad pro-abortion reasoning: “It was better to destroy one life than three”

A fellow church member once confided that he had his daughter have an abortion when she had an out-of-wedlock pregnancy as a teen.  He was still trying to rationalize it, and used the deadly equivocation in the title to do so.

But of course, he completely twisted the key word: Destroy.

Abortion literally destroys a life.  See this and this.  But it can also destroy the parents with guilt.

But does having the child destroy lives in the same sense?  Not at all!  No one gets crushed and dismembered.  The parents could learn to take responsibility for their actions. The child could be given up for adoption (I’m glad my birth parents took that route!).   And so much more.

The good news is that there is Good News in Jesus: Everyone involved in the process can be forgiven if they repent and believe.  There is hope, but using deadly rationalizations won’t get you there.

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