Should Christians “bake two” cakes for “same-sex weddings?”

In Bake for them two the author says that Christians should gladly bake cakes for “same-sex weddings” because Jesus said to carry a Roman soldier’s goods two miles instead of just the one mile required by law.  As you’d expect, the “Christian” Left loves this argument.

If you believe gay marriage is immoral (I don’t, myself) . . . Christians, our Jesus said, “Go with them two.”

For starters, the author is not referring to the same Jesus as revealed in scripture. Note how Jesus defeats Darwinian evolution, oxymoronic “same-sex marriage” and same-sex parenting arguments in one simple passage. No true follower of him should disagree on any of those topics.  Matthew 19:4–5 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?”

Jesus is still asking them that question today, and their answer is, “No, we haven’t read that.” — or, rather, “We read that but didn’t like it so we “know” you didn’t really say it.”

There are other problems with the author’s reasoning as well.

1. These Christians aren’t being asked to provide general services to the LGBTX people (which they gladly do already), they are being forced to participate in them. For her analogy to be relevant she should have used a different example, such as being forced to worship Caesar. Would her “Jesus” tell you to worship Caesar twice if that was the law?

2. This message would only apply to the bakers, photographers, etc. and not to most of us. We have an obligation to protect other people from having their consciences violated, and that applies to Christians as well.  It is easy for her to tell the authentic Christians to violate their consciences and participate in these activities that she just happens to support.  Would she tell the Christians they should make double the t-shirts for Westboro Baptist?

3. Would her “Jesus” tell Christians to perform abortions, as many on the Left want to require them to do?

4. The author asked this:

If we “snatch one person from the fire” by refusing to condone behavior we believe is immoral, but send hundreds and thousands of others fleeing churches and Christianity entirely, what have we really accomplished?

That displays little confidence in the word and sovereignty of God. Lots of people will flee when you preach the word of God.  The rich young ruler walked away sadly when he didn’t like God’s terms and conditions but Jesus didn’t chase after him to negotiate.


That said, we don’t need to convert people to heterosexuality before we share the Gospel with them. Even if homosexual behavior wasn’t a sin those folks have plenty of other sins to deal with, just like heterosexuals do.  Here’s one way to share the truth in love to LGBTQX people.

5 thoughts on “Should Christians “bake two” cakes for “same-sex weddings?””

  1. The gross twisting of Scripture liberals use to justify their ideology is just incredible. The claim was also that we are to obey government, as Rom. 13 notes, yet they forget Acts 5:29 which is essentially a caveat to free Christians from obeying the law when it forces them to go against what God has commanded.

    As you noted, nowhere would Jesus had meant that we are to help people in their sin by participating in it in any way. These people claim to be Christians but they are a cult of self, worshiping the same Jesus as the Mormons, JWs and all other cultists who worship a Jesus of their own invention — i.e., and idol.

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  2. Why is it that those opposed to the First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion cannot (refuse to?) see that it’s not about their sexual behavior? No one is walking into a florist, photographer, baker, or wedding venue and asking, “Could you please participate in our sexual activities?” Nor are any of these vendors saying, “You are not allowed to do that.” The question is always, “Will you participate in our wedding?” and the only possible answer for those who still have a brain and know that a “wedding” is a “marriage” and a “marriage” is not possible when it is “same-sex” is “No, I can’t.” Not “No, you can’t.” It’s “I can’t.” And the only coercion going on here is “You must!” That’s the “tolerant” and “inclusive” approach. One side says, “I can’t, but you may” and the other says, “You must and I will make you” and the first side is hated. They say we’re obsessing about sexual sin, but it’s not about that. So who is obsessing about sex?

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