I am not making this up: The “Christian” Left pushes a Gandhi “God has no religion” shirt

What is it about the “Christian” Left that makes them swoon over Gandhi, a professed anti-Christian?  These people pose as Christians and get wounded when we state the obvious and point out that they are anything but authentic believers.


This has been a very popular shirt — now it’s available in multiple colors in men’s and women’s sizes.

It’s available for a limited time, so order now: http://teespring.com/new-god-has-no-religion

Real Christians would never say such a thing.

Sojourners also continues to give away Gandhi posters if you subscribe to their blasphemy.

More about Gandhi: First, Gandhi was overrated.

Second, people miss the irony of his statement about likIng Christ but not Christians. While appearing to be humble, it is actually the height of arrogance. He obviously feels superior to all Christians. And if he didn’t trust in Jesus for his salvation then he hadn’t learned enough about the real Jesus to assess that.

Jesus was God in flesh, so of course Christians will fall short of the ideal. But Gandhi thought he was good enough to meet God’s standards on his own. Epic fail.

Third, did they know that Gandhi was anti-abortion?  They should put that on their t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “I am not making this up: The “Christian” Left pushes a Gandhi “God has no religion” shirt”

  1. Plus, Gandhi was rejecting the very people that Jesus gave his life for. Saul/Paul was given a rude awakening about mistreating Christ’s people. Jesus has a tendency to take it personally.


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