Pre-announced whoredom is still whoredom.

Via Bedding 12 Strangers in a Year, Not Surprisingly, Ends 18-Year Marriage.

Sex in her 18-year marriage had gone routine and stale. What’s more, forty-something “Robin Rinaldi” wanted a baby, something her husband was adamantly against. So she proposed a limited open marriage, a 12-month sexathon with strangers, and she has written a book about it.

In The Wild Oats Project, Rinaldi writes, “Stuck in a rut — our once-a-week sex life was loving but lacked spontaneity and passion — I was craving seduction and sexual abandon.”

Since motherhood was closing for her, Rinaldi rushed toward what she calls, “this whole other outlet of heightened female experience — taking lovers.” She and her husband came to an arrangement. She took an apartment where she lived and cavorted during the week and on the weekend came home and lived as a wife.

. . .

In a video, now blocked, attached to her column in the New York Post she insists the reader will be surprised at the ending to her 12 month sexual odyssey.

What she found was that coming back to her full-time marriage after a year “proved more difficult than I had thought.”

No kidding.

Pre-announced whoredom is still whoredom.  If I tell someone I’m going to lie to him and that it is OK if he lies, we are still both liars.  Same thing for this mess.  Despite their talent for rationalization, they are both serial adulterers.  That she set out to do this for profit just makes it worse.

Easy prediction: One day her new lover will wake up and realize he could get better sex somewhere else, and since they both agree that finding the ultimate sex partner is the foundation of a relationship, he’ll move on.  She’ll see her sexual value in the market diminish rapidly and will end up lonely, childless and sad.  Because most great, marketable guys dream of relationships with women who abandon 18 year marriages so they can sleep with strangers and make money off of a book about it, right?  Or either one will realize he/she is sleeping with a spectacularly shallow and selfish person (ignoring his/her own shallowness and selfishness) and will move on to someone “better.”  I’ve seen that happen with many who abandoned their commitments to be with their “soul mate.”

And along the way, she’ll have convinced other women to make her mistake.  After all, she got a “happy” ending, right?

She is a perfect analogy for the “Christian” Left.  They got bored with the real Jesus and have whored with all sorts of false religions.  At least this woman eventually broke it off with her husband.  The “Christian” Left still pretends to follow Jesus!

I hope they all find the real Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Pre-announced whoredom is still whoredom.”

  1. The portrait of Narcissism. It is as if the thought of getting old never entered their heads, or that sex is procreation. What will become of us?


    “Because most great, marketable guys dream of relationships with women who abandon 18 year marriages so they can sleep with strangers and make money off of a book about it.”

    Is there a “don’t” missing or is that a sarcastic statement?


  2. Why did she marry a guy who doesn’t want a baby? Why wait until 40 for a baby – or to address this issue?

    Of course this ended badly. No surprises there.

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