From the “I’m not making this up” department: Quotes from the “Christian” Left

Here are some samples of all the love, tolerance and sound theology you’d expect from the “Christian” Leftists, who deny the deity of Jesus, deny his exclusivity for salvation, deny the authority of scripture, insist that abortions up to the first breath of the child are approved by Jesus*, are pro-LBTQX extremists and so much more.

And remember that these are the comments that don’t get moderated.  But if you post biblical truths you’ll get bounced immediately as a “troll.”

Shove your Bible verses up your ass!

Yep, that was a comment there.   Read on!

Gee. it sure is HARD to not hate those GOP T-Bagger wingnuts–is there a pill out there that helps? I’ve tried all the Gods–and I still hate the GOP (smile).

If you require the threat of eternal damnation to be a good person—you’re not a good person

The left seems to focus on what breaks down community. Ignoring the sick, leaving the hungry out of the picture, refusing to see the humanity in the least of us.

Even Jesus wasn’t perfect !!

What a racist cunt

Eric Garner and Michael Brown were criminals…
24 minutes ago

Leah Howard So were the two men crucified next to Christ. And He said he would prepare a place for them in the kingdom as well…

I’ve never understood why they want to focus on parts that are simply NOT as important as Jesus’ teachings…it’s all such drivel

Sin was created when and by whoever mentioned it in the Bible first. That’s the guy who created the concept of sin. The same is true of the entire concept of “God”.

damn i like this site!!

I find the belief in hell to be utterly wicked.

I did the opposite – Christian to agnostic.

Who was behind the Crusades? Who was behind the Inquisition? Who was behind the witch trials? Christians, that’s who. It just took the Muslims a while to catch up.

I went from Christian to Deist. I believe in God, I just have a hard time following along with a book that says so many hateful things. Men wrote the Bible and claimed God inspired it. God created homosexuals, independent women, and everything else on this amazing Earth. I’m more inclined to go with what God did rather than what some group of men claimed he said.


* “According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.”

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