Why did Leftist “evangelical” Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abortion atheist George Soros?

If you want to get banned from any Sojourners sites, just ask about Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis hiding donations from extreme Leftist George Soros.  See Liberal evangelical Jim Wallis admits to $$ from pro-abort billionaire George Soros.

Wallis has posed as a centrist but aligns himself with extreme Leftist causes: Obamacare — including its taxpayer-funded abortion, same-sex marriage (he just “happened” to switch sides when it profited him the most), race-baiting, etc.

He initially said he didn’t know about Soros’ contribution, but that is a lie.  There is no way you don’t know if someone is giving that much money to your organization.

Why does the “Christian” Left pretend that only the Koch brothers donate to political causes?

Institute for Religion and Democracy President Mark Tooley commented:


Wallis’ initial denials and then ultimate confirmation of Soros funding for Sojourners is a revealing turning point for the evangelical left.

Long insisting he represents a mysterious Christian ‘third way’ more enlightened than the old Religious Right, Wallis now stands exposed as what he always was: a man of the political left. From his days 40 years ago as a radical Students for Democratic Society activist, to his championing of the Marxist Sandinistas in 1980s’ Nicaragua, Wallis has always allied himself with secular leftist groups hostile to the historic Church.

Religious leftists may freely tout their views no less than religious conservatives. But Wallis and his Sojourners, as Soros-funded religious leftists, should heed truth in advertising.

Oddly, I haven’t seen a good explanation on Wallis’ blog.  Then again, why would you expect someone like him to tell the truth?

2 thoughts on “Why did Leftist “evangelical” Jim Wallis lie about taking money from pro-abortion atheist George Soros?”

  1. Your last sentence was my first thought when I read the title. The fact is that liars lie, and when you serve the prince of lies, then it is really all you can do. I just hope and pray that those who truly belong to the Prince of peace and see Wallis as he is, a high priest for the prince of lies.


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