Secular gays fund United Methodist LGBTQX agenda

One of the many reasons I’m glad I left this denomination.  The good people let the bad people run wild.  And in their ignorance and/or malice, the “Christian” Left pretends that the Koch brothers are the only rich people donating to political causes.

Via Wealthy Caucus Offers to Pay UMC Clergy Who Break Ordination Vows:

Last year alone, RMN received $181,920 from the Arcus Foundation, a grant explicitly given to RMN for the sake of “clergy who engage in acts of ecclesial disobedience in the name of LGBTQ justice and work with coalitions for policy change within the United Methodist Church.” Until last year, another major unofficial liberal United Methodist caucus, the Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA), reported that one of its four non-intern staff positions was funded by this same Arcus Foundation. According to a 2008 profile in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Arcus Foundation is based on the fortune of billionaire Jon Stryker, a gay activist who has also spent millions on partisan political campaigns, has targeted religious institutions as a key barrier against its own values on LGBTQ liberation, and “gives more than any other grantmaker” does to gay-rights groups.

Rev. Karen Booth, who serves on the UMAction Advisory Board member, has further documented how secular foundations and political groups have heavily financially invested in supporting the efforts of activists seeking to undermine and overturn our denomination’s adherence to the basic Christian sexual ethics demanded by Scripture and our denomination’s official, historic doctrinal standards.


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