The “Christian” Left’s “Scott Walker didn’t finish college” meme will make a nice boomerang

Via Scott Walker Didn’t Finish College. And? | The Weekly Standard.

The Washington Post has a long article up about Scott Walker’s formative years. It has some fine reporting, but the overall tone and headline are curious: “As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit.”

Questions linger? Over what, exactly? It’s not a secret and it never has been that Walker didn’t finish college (well, it hasn’t been a secret in spite of the fact the obtuse scolds at Daily Kos are a bit confused). He left Marquette in his fourth year. Since then, Walker has had quite a political career as Milwaukee county executive, in the Wisconsin state assembly, and now governor. After all that time in public life, the majority of voters of Wisconsin haven’t had an issue with the man’s general intelligence level and it seems obvious enough that he’s a capable man. So why is the Post implying that his lack of a college degree is some sort of liability?

This is a winning issue for Walker and Republicans for several reasons.

  1. The only people who will care weren’t going to vote for him anyway.
  2. Most people don’t have degrees, and the Leftists’ elitist attitudes will turn many voters off.
  3. Yes, let’s talk about Walker’s college experience and why he left!  It wasn’t that he didn’t go, it was that he left to get a job shortly before he was done.
  4. Yes, let’s talk about how accomplished Walker has been even without that piece of paper!
  5. Yes, let’s talk about how ridiculously expensive college is because of Leftist policies!

Don’t shy away from this argument.  I’m very encouraged that it appears to be the best the Left has against Walker.  This guy has been through the equivalent of three national campaigns and they haven’t been able to make up anything that will stick.

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