Countering the “violinist” pro-abortion argument.

The “Christian” Left and other pro-aborts often use the “violinist” argument to justify killing unwanted children up until their first breath.  It basically posits that if a famous violinist connected himself to you against your will because he needed access to your kidneys, you would be under no obligation to keep him alive.  Therefore, you are also under no obligation to keep any other human being alive who is attached to you.

Like many pro-abortion arguments, it uses clever rhetoric and emotions to persuade people but it is ultimately fallaciouis.  This is a thorough and accurate reply to it, but Mike Adams’ quote is a perfectly pithy reply.

The principal weakness in Thompson’s violinist analogy is that it tries to draw moral equivalency between two very unequal things: a) Unplugging yourself from an adult involved in a criminal conspiracy to violate your bodily autonomy, and b) Cutting up a child guilty of no criminal wrongdoing.

My only tweak is that it isn’t just “a” child, it is the child of the one contracting for the killing.

4 thoughts on “Countering the “violinist” pro-abortion argument.”

  1. This argument is almost completely invalid because less than 4% of all abortions are performed because of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in jeopardy. The rest are done as a matter of convenience. This means that the left’s primary arguments in favor of abortion are invalid over 96% of the time.

    The left also ignores numerous peer-reviewed studies that show a link between abortion and breast cancer.

    So to make the “violinist” argument truthful:
    you like violin music so you invite the violinist to share your kidneys. Only then you realize how inconvenient it is to haul a violinist around for the rest of your life. But then someone shows up with a pair of scissors and for $500 offers to cut the violinist free. Sure it would kill him/her but it’s not like musicians are people right? However this ‘savior’ fails to mention that this may kill you too.


  2. How is “I had unprotected sex with someone and got pregnant” the equivalent of a violinist that attaches himself against your will? The example I read includes a society that kidnaps the victim and forces him/her to be connected to said violinist. One of these things is not like the other. Who makes such nonsense arguments?

    Mike Adams’ quote is indeed pithy, but do we really need to counter such nonsense? sigh.


    1. Exactly. People are so beaten down with pro-abortion rhetoric that they’ve given up responding or started parroting the same things. Just a little effort and you can refute all that nonsense!


    2. Not only do we need to counter such nonsense, but we need to do it whenever it rears its ugly head, and do it with the most condescension it deserves. As it is indeed nonsense, it needs to be exposed for the nonsense it is. To allow it to just lie there without a response gives license and liberty to those who would cling to whatever cheap rationalization might emanate from their backsides. No one wants to side with stupid. Make sure stupid is labeled clearly as stupid.

      The left makes their bones with this tactic. The difference is that they do so because they have not legitimate defense for their position. Yet they know that if they frame a legitimate position as, say, hateful and bigoted, they will force others to decide between a bold defense of the position versus a defense of themselves in the face of public perception of hatred and bigotry. No one wants to be regarded as bigoted.

      Well, fewer want to be regarded as stupid. So when stupid and nonsensical arguments as the “violinist” is presented, it must be appropriately labeled. And really, “stupid” is far more appropriate (and truthful) than merely “nonsensical” as well as much more incendiary. More of an attention grabber. “Why do think I’m stupid?” An easy question to answer in this case.


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