Episode #79 and counting of Mugged By Reality, the Obamacare Files

Via When They Have to Pay, ‘Liberal’ College Students Suddenly Revolt Against Obamacare-Like Health Fees.

Cornell University students are up in arms over a $350 student health fee that will be assessed to any student who doesn’t buy the university’s health insurance . . .

We’ve seen lots of these already and will get many more as the full pain of this government power-grab is fully implemented.  It was never really about helping people.

Update: Episode #80 — More Obamacare victims noticing that they’re gonna be on the hook to the IRS (seriously, that update came within minutes of the original post!)


Remember that Jonathan Gruber was right about the Left, and they are seeing that more daily.

The fact that the Left wasn’t up in arms over Jonathan Gruber’s comments on the stupidity and lack of economic understanding of Obama supporters proves his points to be correct, and it proves our points about media bias and the tactics of the Left.

You’d think that the Left’s supporters would be offended by what Jonathan Gruber said about them. “Stupidity of the American voter . . . Lack of economic understanding of the American voter . . . Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.” Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

But the key point is that he was talking about the Left, not the Right. He knew we were aware the lies.

He has the facts to support his points. Leftists literally fail at basic economics. And their lack of reaction proves how uninformed they are.

Could it be that they don’t know what he said, because the hopelessly biased mainstream media is “Gosnelling” the story?*

This will be golden for any election until the last politician who supported Obamacare is retired. Hopefully some Leftists will notice the ads and wonder why no one told them about the contempt their leaders have towards them.


* Kermit Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer in American history. But he was an abortionist so the media did an embargo on the story.

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