Spare me the conspiracy theories

It is embarrassing when Christians get caught up in conspiracy theories — as if there wasn’t enough out-in-the-open evil in our pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQX, pro-promiscuity, etc. society.  Really, we don’t need to look foolish by pretending to find some conspiracy behind it all.  We know the father of lies is the author.

Good commentary by the Sola Sisters.


5 thoughts on “Spare me the conspiracy theories”

  1. I disagree, how do you guys think they are going to get us to the NWO from Revelation? If you look at these secret cabals they are the ones pushing globalization. Look at it through Revelation and how it ties into us all getting a one world; government and religion. They aren’t goiing to do those things over night. They are goinig to prep us and desensitize us to it using; music and televison. And the NSA actually has a building that records all phone calls that are made, their former leader said that on CNN. And why is it that these artist use ocultic symbols in their music videos. It is by design. That article was cute though…


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