Don’t change to accommodate those who will never be pleased

Weber Grills had a fabulous commercial written up in Forbes magazine years ago.  Ironically, they took it off the air because PETA-types complained.  I’m not sure why they cared what the animal rights activists thought, as those folks aren’t exactly your target market for barbecue grills.  Does C. Montgomery Burns seek advice from the Amish on how to run his nuclear power plant?.

The commercial had several serene scenes of sheep, pigs and cows with a peaceful voice-over noting pleasant things about each animal.  The last scene just showed a Weber grill.  The tag-line?  Farm animals: Let’s eat ‘em!

Here’s a more recent example from McDonald’s.  I think a key success factor in life is eating there as little as possible, but I don’t think we need the government fixing their menu.  Via Is the Left slowly killing off McDonald’s?

The whole point here is that McDonald’s is never going to succeed if they think they need to deliver the same level of food which you get at a high end restaurant and do so at drive through prices, and they certainly are not going to prosper if they feel like they have to tailor their menu to a bunch of vegans in the hopes of shutting up Michelle Obama and the talking heads on MSNBC. Those people aren’t buying their food anyway… they just want to see them go out of business. McDonald’s needs to get back to their roots, put the beef tallow back in the fries and tell the vegans to go eat their celery sticks quietly in the dark.

And of course, this lesson is even more important in churches.  The “Christian” Leftists don’t love Jesus.  They deny his deity and exclusivity for salvation, they mock his word and so much more.  They are like the vegetarians telling you how you must cook your beef.  So why have authentic Christians tried for years to accommodate them?  Just preach the word and don’t let the wolves take leadership positions.

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

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