The “Christian” Left does not care about black people

They pretend to care so they can keep getting their votes, but their actions betray them.  First, they are pro-abortion extremists who support all the policies that result in blacks being killed at a rate three times that of whites.  Then it gets worse: They support the Democrats’ platform of taxpayer-funded abortions which will increase that rate.

And they support illegal immigration that takes the jobs and lowers the wages of existing jobs for low-income blacks.  Check out how many illegals are in these jobs!illegalgraph

If the “Christian” Left really cared about black people they’d oppose abortion and illegal immigration.  

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

2 thoughts on “The “Christian” Left does not care about black people”

  1. History shows that most whites don’t care about black people. So-called christian whites be they right or left. Blacks thrive(like we all do) in this country by God’s grace alone. It’s almost pointless talking race and politics. Politics, legislation, law and the constitution had to be realized in order for this country to have some integrity, reluctantly to be sure,but nevertheless realized. I ask whites all the time about their parents, grands and greats and they get upset because they know. They know how they felt about blacks. They try to brush it over. The same old cliches…”that was the times it’s no longer like that” or “thats how they were taught then.” The latter being the scariest because most of them were taught this in the church. The left was forced to the left pigeoned-holed and labeled. Blacks don’t understand why there has to be a ‘you’ and ‘us.’ This was fabricated by bigoted but devout church going christians. I could go into the history but I’m sure you get the pic. Blacks(christians) we are conservative by in large but what we are sensitive to is injustice. We don’t like having to play politics but for our voice to be heard and our faces seen we will always appeal to civil rights. Unfortunately, civil rights has taken on many and I venture to say ungodly avenues. So us christians who happen to be black are lumped in what you call the left. I see many white christians compromising everyday for the sake of politics and political correctness. Black christians don’t pledge their allegiance to a political party. We(the majority) have always trusted in the Lord Jesus in spite of our horrid past and will continue. Almost like how whites trusted even when they were bigoted and racist. Selah!


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