Do not hesitate to call the unborn “children”

I try to use the term children when explaining what abortion does — i.e., it kills children.  Pro-aborts — especially those from the “Christian” Left — balk at that term.  Those ghouls are far more extreme than the average “pro-choice” person, as the former insist that life begins at the first breath* and concludes that you can kill a child at any time until she is 100% out of her mother.  So they hate it when you refer to the unborn as children and they pretend that the word is being misused.

I’ve always noted the scientific fact that the unborn are human beings from fertilization. When they say it is “just” a fetus (or embryo, etc.) I note that the fetus in question is a human being at a particular stage of development: Human embryo ==> human fetus ==> human baby ==> human toddler ==> etc.  Always human and always worthy of protection.

But what do the good folks at have to say about the term children?  Is it legitimate to use that to describe the unborn?  Yep.  Just because it isn’t the first use of the word doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate.


4. a human fetus.
11. with child, pregnant:

She’s with child.
Examples from the web for child
British Dictionary definitions for child
3. an unborn baby related prefix paedo-
4. with child, another term for pregnant
Word Origin and History for child
Old English cild “fetus, infant, unborn or newly born person,” from Proto-Germanic *kiltham (cf. Gothic kilþei “womb,” inkilþo “pregnant;” Danishkuld “children of the same marriage;” Old Swedish kulder “litter;” Old English cildhama “womb,” lit. “child-home”); no certain cognates outside Germanic. “App[arently] originally always used in relation to the mother as the ‘fruit of the womb'” [Buck]. Also in late Old English, “a youth of gentle birth” (archaic, usually written childe). In 16c.-17c. especially “girl child.”

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

2. An unborn infant; a fetus.

So please use children as often as possible when describing what abortion does.  It has great rhetorical force and helps demolish the anti-science, anti-God “just a fetus” arguments.

* à la Adam, as though the “Christian” Left affirms a real Adam when it comes to any other theological issue!

3 thoughts on “Do not hesitate to call the unborn “children””

  1. Another definition of “child” is a “son or daughter” or “offspring.” The word child isn’t only used to refer to a stage of human development that starts at birth. That’s just one use of the word. Even adults are “children” of their parents because they are their offspring. That definition most certainly applies to the unborn since they are the genetic offspring of their parents and are already either a son or a daughter from conception. Trying to say that a human fetus or embryo isn’t a child is playing semantics and doesn’t actually affect the identity or nature of the human being in the womb.


  2. The left is notorious for abusing words and falsifying definitions of words. You see it in pretty much every debate on every issue. Their supporters pretend they use words properly in their attacks on those with whom they disagree. Here, they need to dispense with the word “child” in order to deflect the truth of their murderous butchery. By redefining words, they seek to redefine goodness and righteousness to include whatever position of their so lacking in either they hope to champion.


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